Contributing  Artists

     A collection of true friends, Josh McCormick (guitar), Joshua Elie (guitar), Joe Von Hagen (bass), and Lead Vocalist/Lyricist, Andrew Supina, are committed to writing songs that convey their multiple influences. The chemistry formed from years working together and a spontaneous “family affair” writing style has left no room for pretense. They possess a passion for making quality music that conveys a message and keeps you coming back for more.   

     All in all, OFM is an emerging act that prides itself on dedication, hard-work, and most of all a desire to use their music to connect and help others.  The band’s name was chosen on purpose, for this very reason.

"We can't say enough how humbled and excited we are to be working with NorthWest Music Experience!  Helping to keep music alive has always been close to our hearts and working with such great people in doing so is tremendous.  This is one of those rare opportunities that rewards all involved. It's hard to complain about hearing your art through the power and beauty of full orchestration." - One From Many


   The daughter of a professional drummer, Haley Johnsen grew up surrounded by musicians, but managed to keep her own love of music and perfect pitch a secret until she was cast into the national spotlight when she captivated American Idol Season 11 viewers making it all the way through to the Top 24 semifinals.   For artists that come through the Idol machine, the experience can be either a make it or break it one.  What it did for Johnsen was confirm that she could - and should - pursue a professional music career.

   With the help of Portland-based producer, Rob Daiker (Katy Perry, The Fame Riot, Christian Burghardt), Haley began a collaborative process of selecting the songs that would best represent Johnsen’s range and songwriting abilities. The final result is a seven song EP Through the Blue written by Johnsen, arranged and produced by Daiker

   “As a naturally a loud singer, it is really fun for me to play with intricate melodies that reach a point where I can just belt it out with a big lunged chorus, taking the song in a direction the listener wouldn’t expect it to go. I visualize my songs in a linear way when I write them, but imagine the places where the song needs to rest, climb, and then soar – sort of like a journey to a destination.“

"As someone who struggled with being confident with her musical abilities early on in life, I feel it is so important to encourage children at a young age to pursue and explore music.  Kids who are gifted and passionate about music should have all the support and resources to explore their abilities, and that is why I feel it is important for me to give back in this way.  Keeping the creative arts funded and supported is like keeping the joy and morale in our school systems.  I want to see and help kids focus on their talents, and keep the beauty of the creative arts alive." - Haley Johnsen


Starting with a Clean SLATE as a raw, real and edgy pop-rocker, multi-talented New Jersey bred, L.A. based artist and performer, Alexis Keegan has been in full whirlwing mode, catching radio fire nationally (and charting) with her lead single "Worry No More," racking up an exciting slate of live performances with top artists and receiving some high level indie accolades since the release of her P.J. Bianco and Andrew Williams produced debut EP in early 2014.

Also developing her charismatic presence as a live performer, Alexis opened last year for prominent singer/songwriters Ron Pope and Howie Day, and was on the bill with rock bands Honor By August and The Gallery.  She also completed a 7 week nationwide tour with Pop/Rock artist Mikey Wax.  Between those stints, Alexis headlined solo shows at NYC's The Bitter End and at South By Southwest (SXSW). 

Alexis penned another track, "Nobody Compares" with Bianco and Zach Hannah which released in May, 2015.  The single is the first off of her forthcoming EP Endless Road. 

"Music in schools was one of the most important factors in shaping my life and I am so thrilled to be involved with the NW Music Experience! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a singer, but I was an incredibly shy kid. If I was to sing, it was with my back to people. Joining the Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Choir in my school is really what changed it all.The acceptance and encouragement from everyone gave me the self confidence to be able to really do it. There has been such a decline in music programs and funding since I was a little kid, which is why an organization like the NW Music Experience is so special. I'm so excited to be able to be a part of helping other kids realize they can live on that stage!" - Alexis Keegan